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Bank Dabrabyt is the Belarusian bank, our task is to help clients to grow up their personal and business welfare.

Our outmost concern today is to stimulate our clients’ growth businesswise. We would sincerely like to wish you all the best, and on our part, we can promise to provide business products, services and solutions of the highest class to ensure maximum comfort and make your experience with our Bank as convenient as possible.

We offer:

  • Personal manager
  • Special solutions for your projects
  • Modern financing types

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You will like our services because:

  1. We are the Belarusian bank
    We would like to contribute the emergence of new companies and the Belarusian domestic market formation in every possible way. So we are keen on to the development of the national entrepreneurial spirit in our country.

  2. We also have ambitions, as you do
    Over the past few years, Bank Dabrabyt has assembled a strong professional team with experience in international banking groups, who are striving to create the best financial instruments for Belarusian companies.

  3. We offer useful services
    We would like our customers to have all useful and innovative "features." For example, the mobile application with the ability to pay company bills, check your counterparties online, or the ability to buy / sell currencies online at the best exchange quotation.

Bank Dabrabyt today

  • Previously, we were called Bank Moscow-Minsk, but in 2019 we changed our name to Bank Dabrabyt
  • Our business cooperation with corporate clients in Belarus reaches out to more than 10 thousand entities. It’s safe to say that today Bank Dabrabyt is among the finest and most efficient financial institutions in the country.
  • We are among the most efficient banks in the country, having one of the highest return on equity.
  • We actively finance the Belarusian business: in 2018, we gave loans to small businesses in 2.5 times more than in 2017, we are the second in factoring volumes among banks in the country. We also actively develop leasing operations.
  • We are leading in terms of trading volumes on the Belarusian currency exchange market in 2018. We are only ones in the country giving customers the opportunity to buy/sell currency on the stock exchange online, and negotiate quotes simply through Viber
  • We have special services for entrepreneurs who are just starting up their business.

Open an Account

For opening accounts, you can call: +375 (294425) 5-222-111, +375 (17) 237-97-97.

Addresses and contact numbers of the Bank’s structural units for opening bank accounts, getting consultation, re-registering and closing bank accounts are below: